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When we say MAXX, we mean it! The average dumpster contains anywhere from 20 to 70% AIR. That translates to a lot of waste in time, fuel consumption and landfill space. Our Smashing service will undoubtedly save you money, time and the environment by reducing the number of containers you need to rent to complete your job. It also saves you time waiting for another container to be delivered.

Simply ordering a smashing of your existing container of light or bulky material would save you money! EXAMPLE: Every material is different, however the average is 40-50% reduction in volume that opens up to you to keep filling that same container. Perfect for those common occasions where you just need a little more space but can't justify the time or expense of another container.

Smashing your trash is only available in a Trashmaxx container by a Trashmaxx representative. Most other hauling companies won't allow you to take advantage of the savings, because less loads equals less money! The difference with Trashmaxx LLC is that we ARE the hauler, so we can pass those savings on to you.
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